This category contains courses about getting started in e-learning, e-assessment, structuring online courses and designing content for online training.

These Frameworks can be used for professional learning for staff  in your training organisation.

Welcome to Copyright – Doing it right. In these modules you will learn all about what copyright is, how it applies to you, and how to make sure that the ways you use copyright materials are legal and ethical.

Please note that the ‘STPs/TAFEs’ topic contains information that applies only to state training providers/TAFEs and educational institutions that subscribe to the statutory education licences. If you work for a training provider that does not subscribe to the statutory licence scheme, the information in that topic does not apply to you.

Since different countries have different licensing laws, and even within Australia the copyright law depends on who is using copyright material and how, there are a lot of variations. This module will be referring to Australian copyright laws only. Please note that the information in this module is for your guidance only – it is not legal advice.

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to facilitate learning delivered via electronic media.

Welcome to Design for online! This course contains four modules – each one focuses on a specific aspect of designing and developing content for online learning and explores it in detail. It also examines how people learn online, and explores different design strategies for content and activities that can be used to maximise engagement and learning outcomes. You’ll see good and bad examples of design, assess the effectiveness of existing design examples, and get started on creating your own design.

Welcome to E-assessment. The presentations, resources and links provided will assist you to design, deliver and assess students in an online environment.

Information is also provided on the processes of reporting, storing and transferring data associated with e-assessments.

This course will guide you through the key components of developing an e-Learning training program, keep you up-to-date with the latest e-news and provide a forum for discussion on e-Learning issues.