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Who we are

Contact details of E-learning Support Services staff

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Book: Who we are
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Date: Tuesday, 25 June 2019, 1:35 AM

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Yvette Drager

Image of Yvette Drager

Yvette Drager
Senior Program Officer (Professional Learning)
Sector Capability

T: (08) 6212 9718
Follow Yvette: @Yvette_elearn

Yvette has been involved in adult education for over 19 years with more than 17 years of that experience within the VET sector. She has a passion for e-learning. This passion was sparked early in her VET career due to a need to deliver training to Australian students while she was working offshore. In the past 17 years Yvette has worked as an facilitator (mainly online) for a major public Registered Training Organisation in WA and as a professional learning presenter for WestOne Services.

Currently Yvette works as a Senior Program Officer (Professional Learning) for DTWD in the Sector Capability area.

Yvette has extensive experience in resource development to support the  VET sector and is part of the team who build and maintain Online Frameworks for Moodle and Blackboard Learn LMS.

Chris Winter

Image of Chris Winter

Chris Winter
E-learning Coordinator - WA
Sector Capability

T: (08) 6212 9702

Chris is a Senior Project Officer for Sector Capability and the E-learning Coordinator for the National VET E-learning Strategy in WA.

Chris has an extensive career history in both IT Support and Multimedia for the private sector and was the E-learning Services Coordinator at the West Coast Institute of Training.

Experienced in website design and development, graphic design, video editing and animation, Chris is now applying his knowledge to support vocational education and training practitioners to implement e-learning in their training.

Chris also builds and maintains Online Frameworks in the  Blackboard Learn LMS.