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E-learning research projects announced

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E-learning research projects announced
by Chris Winter - Tuesday, 10 December 2013, 1:20 PM

E-learning innovation in vocational education and training (VET) will be boosted by a series of applied research projects funded through the Flexible Learning Advisory Group’s (FLAG) National VET E-learning Strategy. Following a competitive tender process, the following four technology innovation applied research projects have been selected:

Supporting effective delivery of foundation skills to indigenous, remote & disadvantaged learners

This project is seeking to address the perceived skills gap in teachers who have LLN training but may be lacking skills in training required by the NFSSA (National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults) and defined as “employability” skills, including collaboration, problem solving, self-management, ICT etc. C.Y. O’Connor Institute will undertake a literature review to inform a toolkit that will provide a framework, advice, good practice examples, case studies, and e-learning strategies.

Verification of e-assessment and authentication of user identity

Polytechnic West is being funded to find a solution in response to the perception among some VET stakeholders that e-assessment does not adequately address security of the assessment conditions, reliability of assessment processes, and the identity of the person being assessed. The project deliverables will include an evaluation of appropriate technologies and solutions, and case studies of the technologies in use.

Bring your own device (BYOD) guidelines for registered training organisations

This research seeks to establish solutions for enabling cost-effective and productive implementation of BYOD policy and infrastructure without impacting on staff and students’ personal use of their own devices. Elan Projects will produce Guidelines for the effective utilisation and implementation of BYOD in RTOs, a web-based self-audit tool for RTOs to support the guide, case studies and a report providing context and background.

Capturing information to improve learner retention and completion of courses

This project will assist practitioners in analysing data being gathered to measure student behaviour and performance, with the intent of flagging learners potentially at risk of disengaging and those who are struggling, thereby improving retention rates. Canberra Institute of Technology will look at paradata to illustrate how learners interact and progress through online activities, and provide RTOs and industry with an understanding of engagement strategies online. Project deliverables will include a literature review and a review of current analytics tools.

The projects will be managed through the New Generation Technologies business activity and overseen by the E-standards Expert Group (EEG), the VET sector’s national forum for collaboratively reviewing and recommending technical standards to support e-learning.

“These projects are an excellent example of targeted research by the VET sector for the VET sector”, says EEG Chair, Rodney Spark.

"The outcomes and deliverables will be applicable nationally, and take into consideration the needs of stakeholders from all states and territories”, says Rodney.

The first applied research project announced last month, Making industry grade technologies available for training, was awarded to the Klevar Group. This project is considering whether industry-based training facilities including simulators can be used to support online delivery of vocational education and training (VET).

For further information please visit the New Generation Technologies website and follow on Twitter.