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Augmented Reality


Blackboard Learn 9

Blackboard Learn workshop Handouts:

Getting Started





Copyright, Referencing and Plagiarism

This workshop explores the most complex and convoluted subject that can make or break a good lecturer. The topic of referencing, copyright and plagiarism may sound dry, but it is so important in our technologically evolving world.

Please click on the link below to listen to the recording:

Copyright, Referencing and Plagiarism



E-Learning Systems Infographic

This document helps show how different e-Learning Systems can compliment each other to achieve your organisations unique requirements by focusing on the tasks required.

It also includes a feature comparison for some of the known Virtual Classroom/Meeting applications available.

E-Learning Systems Infographic




Mobile Technology

Moodle 2.3

Moodle workshop handouts:




Lessons and Groups

Moodle Handouts


QR Codes


Recording - Accessibility Online

Kristina Gladman from e-Works in Victoria takes us through the importance of accessibility and how to achieve it.

Recording Link

Recording - Accessibility tools in Collaborate

Yvette Drager takes us through the tools within Blackboard Collaborate that can help you ensure that your online classroom sessions are accessible to all.

Recording Link

Recording - Augmented Reality

Chris Winter demonstrates the exciting world of Augmented Reality and it's application in education and training.

Recording Link

Recording - Creating Accessible Documents

Bronwyn Lapham shows how to make Word and PDF documents more accessible.

Recording Link

Recording - eStandards and Accessibility

Chris Winter walks us through the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and how they apply to online learning materials. During the session we also look at how the e-standards website can help.

Recording Link

Recording - How to use Collaborate

Yvette Drager takes us through how to present and engage using the  Virtual Classroom tool called Blackboard Collaborate.

Recording Link

Recording - Introducing Online Frameworks

Recording - Mobile Technology

Chris Winter looks at the trend towards mobile devices and how to cater for them in training delivery.

Recording Link

Recording - Online Facilitation

Yvette Drager takes us through effective techniques for facilitating online.

Recording Link

Recording - Professional Video Made Easy: Filming

Chris Winter unpacks some simple tips and tricks to help inhouse educational video look and sound more professional.

Recording Link

Recording - Understanding VET

This session explains the complexities of working in the VET Sector

Recording Link

Recording - Writing for Online

Chris Winter demonstrates how to effectivly target learning materials for the online environment.

Recording Link

Recording: Planning for Online Engadgment

Yvette Drager explains how to increase engadgement in your online course.

Recording Link


Social Media


VET Reload

How to use VET Reload to edit and re-package a learning object.

Note: You can use the YouTube video controls to go to Full Screen.


Video in Education


Writing for Online

Writing for Online (Recording)

This practical workshop is an introduction to writing for the online environment. We will explore the theory behind how to write effectively for online users and then how to apply this to websites, with a focus on how to keep the content meaningful but as concise as possible.

Click on the link below to view the recording:

Writing for Online (Recording)



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