Workshops Online

The Department of Training and Workforce Development provides many workshops in an online format (virtual room or webinar). These workshops are held in a virtual classroom.  You can attend online workshops from your office, your home or by using a mobile device.

Online workshops support practitioners in the VET sector in both private and public registered training organisations.

Workshops Online:

Workshops held in virtual rooms allow participants from all over Western Australia, interstate and possibly even overseas to participate in real time presentations and activities. The team at Training Sector Services provide regular online workshops covering a variety of topics.

Other online interstate events, conferences and workshops are  promoted from the site giving participants the opportunity to network with colleagues from private and public registered training organisations around Australia.


To book a session, go to:

Preparing to use a virtual room:

If you have not used a virtual room before, go to to ensure your computer is correctly set up. Follow the prompts on the page.

Participating in a virtual room:

  1. Prior to the workshop, you will have an email sent to you with the web link to a virtual room.  Click on the link and join the session.
  2. If you are seated in a shared workspace it is courteous to use a headset with microphone to participate in the virtual room in order to reduce the distraction for other workers.
  3. Most PC users will need to use a headset with microphone to participate.
  4. If you have a laptop with built-in microphone and speakers you may not need a headset.


There are two common problems that may be encountered when accessing a virtual room.
  1. Sound equipment not working.  Once you are in the virtual room, use the "Audio Setup Wizard" to detect and test your sound equipment (see "Accessing a Virtual Room" above)
  2. Connection Failed - your ICT staff may need to alter the proxy settings in the virtual room to allow access through your organisation's firewall.

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