Online Frameworks

What is an Online Framework?

Online Frameworks are online course structures that have been developed to assist  vocational education and training practitioners to skip a few steps when starting to deliver training online.

Online Frameworks:

  • Are set up mainly for accredited training
  • Are available to Western Australian registered training organisations
  • Contain current qualification or unit curriculum
  • May have some "best guess" structure applied based on the  curriculum but practitioners who know their subject would be expected to change the structure when using the framework
  • Are set up in the Moodle (2.3 - 2.5) or Blackboard Learn (9.1) learning management systems.  Moodle requires the "Grid" plugin to render Frameworks as they appear on this site.
  • Can be provided as a backup zip file and restored to a Moodle site or copied to a Blackboard site.
  • May contain learning resources or links if we can find relatively current and relevant digital resources
  • Allow practitioners to add their own teaching instruction, learning resources, and assessment.
  • The Frameworks are free unless otherwise indicated.
  • Can and will be edited/updated as curriculum changes, we receive subject expert input, or if good quality learning resources become available

The Online Frameworks do not:

  • prescribe how to teach a qualification
  • mandate the use of any of the suggested content
  • claim to contain all the learning content required to teach a course or qualification.  Many contain only the qualification or unit outline with a structure based on that curriculum.

Facilitators can restructure the course, add their own resources and should add their own teaching instruction, assessment activity and quality assurance documents.

Face-to-face and online workshops are available for those wishing to develop skills in online training. Find a date and make a booking.

What Online Frameworks are available?

The list will grow over time but the ones you can see on this site are the only ones available currently.

Click here to view the available Online Frameworks. 

Your input into Frameworks

There will be additional development of the Frameworks:

  • Practitioners will be able to apply for funded work to structure and write content to make the Frameworks more appropriate for training delivery
  • RTOs will soon be able to make specific requests for Frameworks

There will never be a finalised version!  You are the subject experts and we welcome your input so there is always the opportunity to improve the structure and content of the Frameworks.

Keep an eye on VET Infonews for further information on these opportunities.

How do I get one of these Frameworks?

You need to request a Framework.  E-learning Support Services staff will follow up to provide the Framework for your RTO.  Apply for an Online Framework by completing this form:

How do I use the Frameworks?

The Framework will need to be added to your training organisation's learning management system.  We will email Moodle courses for "Restore". We can add Blackboard courses to your LMS site.  Then, turn on the editing button and feel free to change/add anything. 

The Framework helps you through the first stages of course setup and might provide some course content.  After that, it's up to you.

Structure Headings and Buttons

The buttons and headings are only a suggested structure based on the curriculum.  You can change the headings and the images for the buttons.  If you would like support and advice on how to restructure the Frameworks, you can attend the Online Frameworks professional learning sessions.  Find a date and make a booking

What support is available to help me start using my Online Framework?



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